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Global IT provides IT Enabled services in the market.

Our solutions and services are aimed at optimal deployment of technology that will provide the right business value and competitive edge for you.

BPO/IT Enabled Services

Global IT along with its partners is uniquely positioned to serve you in managing your business processes while you focus on the strategic aspects of your business. We can do this either onsite or set up a dedicated resource pool offshore to execute the process cost-effectively on your behalf.

Leave IT to us By outsourcing day-to-day process management to our responsible staff, your executives will be able to focus on the strategy. Your executives will still have control over the process while having more time to explore new revenue streams, more time to accelerate other projects, and more time to focus on their customers. All this happens at a fraction of the cost you currently incur.

Do IT Better Since your executives are no longer stressed with the day to day rigors of the process execution, they have an opportunity to look at the process objectively and generate ways and means to do it better. Improved processes will lead to improved efficiencies and savings, leading to more ROI. Subject Matter Experts can now focus on value addition to the process rather than getting stuck with mundane operational details.

Enhance IT Through our BPO services you can tap into our pool of resources and technology infrastructure to enhance and expand your IT capabilities without incurring any capital expenses.

Functional (Horizontal) Services

Finance & Accounting

  • Call Center
  • Human Resources
  • Data Management
Vertical Industry Services
  • HealthCare